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Thursday, 13 July 2017


Jenny Julian

Thanks, Catherine! As I said, very topical blog post for me, as I have a little foster guy with skin issues right now. I always appreciate your thorough, well researched and intelligent information.
This guy came to us with a bag of kibble with an "alternative" and "hydrolyzed" form of protein in it...I think it's kangaroo. The shelter believed Tango/Django's problem was totally allergy based. But, he smelled very strongly of yeast....After several days of no further improvement on hydrolyzed kangaroo kibbles and benadryl, I started researching. I likewise came up with yeast as a likely culprit, or at least one of them: the dark skin pigmentation, the rough and inflamed skin folds. Per info I found, starch, which becomes sugar, feeds yeast. The first two ingredients of his kibbles were....starch and starch.
So...I've moved him to a raw food diet, and there is no sign of allergy to the beef in it. I likewise use ketoconazole shampoo seems to help to get rid of skin yeast. I've also used an already owned variety of anti-fungal ointments....this guy has improved greatly at our house, but oddly, deteriorated when at the country cabin. Lots was done to clean out any possible flea detritus, but that seems a likely culprit. Only benadryl, given every 4 to 6 hours, and nightly baths seems to help at all down there. Now, back at home, he is better again with little to no itching, on raw food, with every third day or so baths and benadryl. We have a vet visit with his shelter's vet....hopefully, we can all focus on what will help this little guy, instead of getting polarized on allergy vs other causes. It seems like a good bet, after reading your post, Catherine, to try to get a script for apoquel....that's going to be my hope. Thanks!

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